Tut’s Eatery

So today we go to our very first hunt in Bandar Utama. This is one of them places that was practically impossible to reach via public transport. Of course that is no longer the case since the MRT has been blessed upon us. Yay!


What’s So Special About This Place

It’s an Egyptian menu! That’s one of the less common cuisines in this part of the world, and contrary to popular belief, Arab cuisine is not just Mandi and Shawerma. This is one place where you can experiene Arab food that goes beyond that.

How to Get Here

Take the MRT to Bandar Utama. From there it’s a couple of minutes walk to get into the mall and less than 10 minutes in total to actually get to Tut’s.


Most mains are in the region of 20RM, add or take 5RM. You can take a look at the menu over here. This is probably the point where I should mention, portions here are more of an Asian size than a Middle Eastern one.

What We’ve Had

The menu is attractive and it’s the kind where you would want to order several dishes at once. There may not be group/family platters, but I would strongly suggest you come here as a group so as to try a bit of everything. Annnyway, on to what we actually had.

Let’s start with breakfast. There might be a menu for breakfast, but let me get this straight: the only thing you should have is the feteer mishaltit XD (not that the other stuff is bad, but this is the thing you have for breakfast). Feteer mishaltit is basically a layered pastry, cripsy on the outside and heavy with ghee in the inside. While there may be several options of sides (feteer is not meant to be eaten on its own) traditional thing is to have it with cream and honey.



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Now let us move on to the main menu. I’ll start off with the safest option for those not familiar with the menu:Bechamel. Composed of a thick (non-spicy) cream (the cream itself is called Bechamel), with mince and past at the bottom. I suggest having that with hot sauce and/or tahini (condiments are available FOC but you have to ask for them).

For the rice lovers, the go-to option will have to be the Fatta, the recommended meat of choice would be beef. I believe the shots below will do a better job than me defining it (it’s basically meat with rice and sauce, but yea it’s better than it sounds lol)



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A popular middle eastern dish that is pretty much known all over the region is kofta. Kofta is basically spiced meat balls. While it is traditionally soaked in tomato-based sauce, Tut’s puts it in what tastes like a black pepper-based sauce. Still good, but not exactly what you’d call traditional.

Another item that is of relatively smaller size (not that that compromises the quality at all) would be 7awawshi, a panini-like dish mainly composed of beef. Ideally speaking, this would be best ordered as a side along with other stuff



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One more main I’d like to share with you (well, not literally share, but you get what I mean), is Kushary XD. Kusary is another rise-based dish, fused with pasta (usually macaroni), lentils, chickpeas, and a bit of herbs on top, all swimming in a tomato-based sauce.

The other choice for those who are vegetarians would probably be Mulu5iya, which is basically a steaf made of a particular kind of leaves. Not my personal recommendation, but I can’t deny the fact that it is a popular item.



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Now let’s turn over to desserts. While there may be quite a few options, the must-have dessert whenever you go anywhere geepo, at least the first time, should be Om Ali (literal translation: Ali’s Mother, don’t ask me why it’s called so). Tut’s does give it a bit of a local flavor, infusing coconut into the dish and serving it with ice cream, which is not a bad idea, and something that fusion lovers would probably enjoy.



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Food: 4/5 Great menu with myriad options. Main reason I wouldn’t give them higher is portion size and prices don’t really add up. Also the fact that an Egyptian restaurant doesn’t serve Foul (Fava) or 9a3miyya (Ta’amiya, veggie balls that sprout from the same family tree as falafel).

Service/Ambience: 4/5 Setting is okay, considering it is a part of a mall afterall. Waiters over here are very polite and courteous. Would have given them higher rating had it not been for the waiters forgetting things a couple of times (if your food is taking too long, ask for it, they sometimes actually do need the reminder even if the place is not full).

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