The kitchen front with a largeIndomie logo


So my second post of this year will be about this place that has seen quite a bit of a hype, which confused a whole bunch of others. Originally opening in Sungei Besi, crowded spaces and long queues were heavily associated with the place. We’ve visited the SS15 branch (which opened a few months later and is not as well-known as the first one despite it being in the food hub that is SS15), and thankfully, getting a table was not the ordeal we feared it will be.

Indobowl SS15
The Shopfront

What’s So Special About This Place

It specialises in Indomie! It’s a bit difficult to explain this to someone who didn’t grow up with them, but Indomie’s popularity goes way beyond Indonesia. It is somewhat a staple food in most of the middle east, with several factories established there just to meet the local demand. Indobowl mixes the legendary mee (yes, I’m using that word to describe an instant noodles brand, let’s move on) with various ingredients to evolve (or at least almost) into an actual meal and not a random munchie consumed between meals.

How to Get Here

Ever since the SS15 LRT station opened up, this entire area has become quite easily accessible. Alternatively, you can also catch the Smart Selangor Buses (both SJ01 and SJ02 pass nearby) . In both cases you’ll still need to go for a short walk to reach Indobowl (5-10 minutes).


Cheapest item on the menu is the Indomie Signature Sambal, priced at around 6RM, and the most expensive individual dishes (keep in mind, there are group platters) are the Lamb Rack and Rib Eye Steak Stik (that’s how they spell it and I am no position to tell them how to spell their own menu), both priced at 19 bucks.

Drinks range from 2 to 6 bucks.

What have we ordered

Indomie Ayam Balado/Ijo, Indomie Signature Sambal, Indomie Lamb Rack Australia, Indomie Seafood (Sotong & Udang)
Clockwise from top left corner: Indomie Ayam Balado/Ijo, Indomie Signature Sambal, Indomie Lamb Rack Australia, Indomie Seafood (Sotong & Udang) Soda Gembira at the center and Sambal Merah near the edges

While I certainly did enjoy my own dish, the lamb rack, the most, I have to say I enjoyed all of them, including the sotong (p.s. I am not a fan of seafood). The meats are fried (surprise!), served with eggs and some of them chopped up veggies on top and a choice of sambal (Matah, Hijau, and Merah), with Merah supposed to be the hottest and Hijau the mildest (naturally, we all went for Merah). As someone with a somewhat big appetite, I will definitely be ordering double Indomie next time; having said that, I will still say the meat portion is quite reasonable (and for that price, I won’t really be complaining).








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As for groups, there is the Mumbo Jumbo platter, made for 4 persons (if you ask me, 3 can share it just fine), which is basically a collection of everything nice on the menu (beef/lamb/chicken in addition to the standard sambals and eggs). If you’re here as a group then you should defintely try this one especially on your first visit.



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As far as drinks go, they have the usual teas and soft drinks you see virtually everywhere, I will ignore those. I will, however, note their Soda Gembira, which is basically sirap bandung with soda water and chia seeds to give it a bit of a twist. Quite decent.

Soda Gembira
Soda Gembira


Food: 3.5/5
I like the part where they’re trying to elevate a snack to a meal. Not too bad an attempt.

Service/Ambience: 3/5
Service was fairly timely, you order at the counter so there was no trouble jumping around for a waiter’s attention.
The place itself is quite basic and clean, not exactly aesthetically outstanding, but that’s not exactly a prerequisite for a food place to be considered good now is it?

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