Omer’s Food Hunting Adventures 2.0


This has been delayed long enough as it is, and I think enough is enough. A few years back, I started this blog for fun, and to share my discoveries of restaurants and cafes that I believe were not too conspicuous for the majority of the people around, with the hopes of getting more people to join me and to discover more diverse and novelty gastronomical destinations.

That was several years ago, and due to some complex reasons I had to cut said adventures (and their blog posts) for some time. Once those reasons no longer remained, I found it a bit more difficult to get back to this with the fear that I won’t be able to keep it up for long. This fear is not gone, but I believe I will try to do this anyways, and regardless of how long it remains, I believe it’ll still be worth it since I will be doing something I enjoy and I hope others enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy composing it.

The objective is just like the old days: find non-mainstream places* that have food that is not usual or not common to Malaysia and share the experience with others with the hopes that people will eventually start sharing their own suggestions and/or adventures. I will be targeting one post per 2 weeks for starters, and then see how things go depending on the flow of suggestions and destinations.

This post is hardly an actual one, but bear with me as I finish my finishing touches on my first post after coming back, which will be next weekend.


* Some of my older posts might look like they’re about places that are mainstream. Well, that’s the funny thing, they weren’t exactly mainstream when I blogged about them XD


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