Killer Gourmet Burger (KGB)

So today we go back to burgers. The cheesy-named burger joint currently has a branch in Bangsar, one more the Gardens (the smaller mall connected to Midvalley), and one more at TTDI. Burger joints in Klang valley have been overdone over the past few years, and its not so easy for one to be considered outstanding. A lot of them try to attract customers by giving attention to the sides. KGB serves their soft drinks in the ancient retro glass bottles

Ignore the random desi creature at the background

Another thing worth noting is the availability of sweet potato fries and cajun are two alternatives should you wish to not have french fries.Both were tried, and both tasted great (french fries were good but not great)

Ignore the random minion dude at the background

Now down to the main showcase, the actual burger. While the chicken is good, it is not exactly unique or anything out of the ordinary, so I will skip right to the beef. All beef items in the menu are crust seared, i.e. the patties are coated and pressed with margarine. So now, we savor the biggest item on the menu, the double patty-ed Double Animal


Needless to say, that beauty is enough for two people. From the first bite, it is very obvious that “juicy” is one of the most prominent synonyms of this burger. You see, its not just about how (un)well done you order your burger, but the fact is, you’re tearing through a periphery of margarine. Now picture this, you reach that main layer of meat, you already have two two toxic layers combining to create a zesty flavor, complimented by that sharp cheddar and somewhat sour sauce. The end product is one sensual bite followed by another. And another. You’d probably be happy that you’re full when its over, otherwise you just might end up ordering another one.

Verdict: 4/5

Atmosphere is quite decent, service time is a bit slow, but the choice of sides and the burger itself do make KGB worth a visit.

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