Fierce Curry House

So in this post, we go back to Bangsar. With quite the conspicuous location (I can’t help but imagine this part of Bangsar is residential), Fierce Curry House does give the serenity of a quite setting. While the menu is several pages thick, there is one main reason people would flock over here: the Dum Biryani.


As you wait for your food, you’ll be served with papadam and rasam.
In order to maintain maximum temperature, as well as the spice flavor, the metal lid is covered with a particular kind of dough (not edible) which also allows you to uncover the biryani without scorching your fingers


If you’ve had different varieties of biryani before, you will surely be able to tell that they do have quite the myriad of spices and herbs on this one (I am not sure I can name all of them and will hence spare myself the embarrassment). Like most specialty shops, you’ll have the option of vegetarian, fish, chicken, or mutton biryani. On top of that, you also have the options of lamb shanks, mock meat, lobsters, prawns, scallops, and a couple of other seafood dishes provided you reserve at least a day in advance. You also have the option of combining the biryani with a banana leaf set (not something I’d recommend). I went for the mutton biryani on its own with a glass of mango lassi

The meat is of good quality, cooked well, and along with the explosion of flavors within the rice, I will say is quite excellent. Lassi was a bit watered down really, and I believe the biryani would have been better off without the provided condiments.

To cap things off we went for dessert, and they did have a couple of interesting options; including roti/dosa(tosai) nutella and strawberry. We went for nutella dosa as apparently that one sold best


Quite the basic thingy really, its as simple as it sounds, dosa stuffed with nutella. Not too bad, but I think I’d stick to the regular dessert options next time

Verdict: 4/5
While it is difficult to rank biryanis over one another since theres different standards and different strength points of particular restaurants, this is definitely one of the best ones around. Pretty much everything else was sub-par. Having said that, if you’re here for biryani (and appreciate rasam perhaps), you will love this place.

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