Mille Crepe

So this posts looks at one of the longest surviving outlets in SS15(comparatively, at least), although it looks very different from what it was around three years ago. As the name suggests, the specialty of this cake house is their mille crepes. For those of you who do not know what mille crepe is, imagine this: a thousand crepes, aligned in perfect symmetry on top of each other, separated by , topped by a fine layer of creme. In short, a crepe cake is literally a few dozen crepes on top of one another

A mango crepe cake
A mango crepe cake

A must (or not) try is definitely their durian crepe cake, which is actually kept in a separate container, you can guess why.

The available beverages are quite nice, albeit a bit overpriced: the ice tea is just nice with a fair amount of sugar, while the coffee is Illy’s which apparently is a big thing (I wouldn’t know since I am quite a coffee noob).


One thing that can hardly go unnoticed is the setting of the whole place. In what seems to be a go at a Victorian theme, everything from the tables to the plates to the condiments, has this classic look all about it (which can easily be compared to a barbie dollhouse actually). The artificial pitch flooring gave quite the lovely touch.

Sugar and brown sugar spaces
Thats how they serve up the bill

Verdict: 4/5

The place looks quite simple yet chic. Service is excellent and timely. With the stiff competition around SS15, I will say that this place is definitely worth a visit

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