Final Run-in

Okay, so I haven’t been updating the blog as frequently as I would have preferred. Since exams started, then holiday travels followed, then things just kept spinning out of control. But, I will finish what I started.

The blog’s main aim has always been to share my love of food, which in a way was also a way to share some of my fondest memories around Malaysia. For such reasons, I preferred it to only be circulated among friends or friends of friends at most (that’s why you can’t find my blogs on search engines: I made it that way!) Now for various reasons, there are plenty of adventures which I never managed to post.

With Malaysia not being in the cards in the near future, my plan is to finish off the drafts I started (sometimes I start but never published because I wanted to get more images, or some other reason like feeling I didn’t try enough of the menu). For now, I have just changed the theme, and will be posting a couple more posts before I sign off.

If any of my friends feels like this project should continue, then I would happily give authorship rights to them, you can just privately message me here or through Facebook. more This is definitely the start of more blogging by me; I still haven’t figured out what I will be blogging on, but I can definitely say I learned a few things running this blog, and the next time I have a go it will be much better.

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